Welcome to the Alden Pines Homeowners Association (APHOA) Website.  We're so glad you found us!

This site is dedicated to the education and enjoyment of all current property owners in the Alden Pine Subdivision at Bokeelia Florida, for future residents of our community, for seasonal visitors and for anyone who simply wants to know more about this, "our little corner of Eden"

APHOA strives to ensure accuracy in all that is posted on this site but we do not claim invulnerability to error.  If you notice something that is glaringly incorrect, please email the Website Manager at to give us an opportunity to correct it.

The Board of Directors of the APHOA thanks you for your continued support of the goals of the Association.  It is only through the mutual cooperation of all property owners in this community that we are able to continue to enjoy one of the most pleasant, well maintained and friendly neighborhoods you can find.

We invite submissions to this website and contributions to our newsletter.  Contributions need to be signed in order for us to use them. We especially appreciate pictures of community events, scenic or wildlife photos and people interest pictures, for which the contributor will receive photo credit.

Please be reminded that APHOA is an advocate for the Alden Pines Community as a whole and will therefore avoid involvement in factional controversies. We will post any item of information that may be of value to our constituents as long as it is presented in a factual, unbiased and respectful way.


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