Ye Olde Clubhouse Social Room.  Pictured are attendees at a
recent Pig Pickin' Party. The Alden Pines Golf Course Owners
and APHOA enjoy a cooperative relationship.
Dessert time!  Among these Alden Pines neighbors is Rita Davis (middle left), 2013 Chairperson for the APHOA Landscape Committee


There is an old axiom that says "families that play together, stay together".  Though not correct in a familial sense, the Alden Pines Community is family to many residents who live here.  Most of us came from "somewhere else"; there are few life-time Florida residents at Alden Pines. Because many who live here do not have extended family nearby, there seems to exist a particularly strong fellowship among neighbors.  It is a noticeable difference from other places folks have lived.  

The same thing that bonds friendships here are those things that bond people together everywhere:  similar backgrounds, attitudes, interests and social mores, care and concern for others.  It is not unusual at all to see neighbors gathering at one or the others home for holidays, events like Super Bowl, or just for an evening cocktail.  The tell-tale sign of a social going on is often the bevy of golf carts (Alden Pines residents favored mode of transportation within the subdivision) parked in a neighborhood driveway.

The APHOA Board tries to capitalize on this community comaraderie by scheduling periodic meetings and social gatherings, geared toward helping neighbors stay connected.  A key goal of our Association is the engendering of ownership and pride in the community of Alden Pines as a whole.  Because we are a volunteer group, without the regulatory power to force people to comply with our community covenants, it is crucial that we establish an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.  It has served us well so far.

One event the APHOA Board uses to keep people in the neighborhood connected is through our Board sponsored 'Pig Pickin Party'.  This annual event is scheduled in January each year, soon after most of our seasonal residents have returned from their northern summer homes.  Pulled pork sandwiches, accompanied by a large variety of potluck dishes and live entertainment provide the backdrop for people to reconnect and share with one another. 

The Association recognizes the value of having a Golf Course located within our community and the Alden Pines Golf Course owners understand their business profits from having the community adjacent to it.  Consequently, the Association and the Golf Course enjoy a positive and cooperative relationship.  Managers of the Golf Course always make "Ye Olde Clubhouse" available to the Association for  its general membership meetings and social gatherings.  


Above: Neighbors enjoying neighbors. Chris Dixon (right) is on the 2013 Board of Directors and also serves as Chair for the Social Committee. 
Above:  Volunteers working the bar for the event.  Stu Bennett (middle) is co-owner of the Alden Pines Golf Course.  Bill Davis (right) is a long-term resident of the community and the 2013 president of the APHOA Board

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