Alden Pines is a small subdivision of approximately 221 lots, platted around a professional 18-hole golf course.  The community began with the development of Alden Pines Country Club during the 1970's.  

On August 19, 1980 the officers of Alden Pines Ltd, a Florida Limited Partnership, filed a Deed of Restrictions (Covenants) governing the Alden Pines Subdivision at Lee County Court. William Maddox, General Partner and Tom Carpenter, General Manager of this Partnership Group were responsible for the filings.  The covenants were binding upon the developer for the subdivision and golf course and all personal claiming by, through and under the developer for the benefit of and limitations upon all future owners of lots and tracts within the subdivision. The stated purpose of the provisions filed was to keep "the subdivision desirable, uniform and suitable in architectural design and use" as specified within the covenants.

The owners of the Alden Pines Golf Course and lot holdings have changed hands a number of times since inception. Alden Pines Ltd. sold the golf course and remaining lots owned by them to the Subon Corporation of Massachusetts in 1986.The Subon Corporation liquidated its Alden Pines holdings in 1995 and 1996. 

The Covenants were designed to encompass both the original Alden Pines Subdivision lots and the Alden Pines First Addition. 
Covenants addressed the following subjects: Land Use, Architectural Control, Dwelling, House Cost, Quality and Size, Building Location, Easements, Nuisance, Temporary Structures, Signs, Storage Tanks, Boats, Trailers, Trucks, Clothes Lines, Completion of Construction, Maintenance of Lots, Combination & Subdivision of Lots, Severability and Term of Restrictions. 

A copy of the Deed of Restrictions for Alden Pines is available below for downloading on this site:  Click here:

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Alden Pines Homeowners Association History

The 1980 Terms of Restrictions bound all parties to the original agreement.  The terms required that the restrictions run “for a period of 20 years from the date hereof, after which time they shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten (10) years each, unless and until an instrument of the contrary shall be executed by the owners of a majority of the lots contained in the subdivision.”

o “protect property values, aesthetics and ambiance of the Alden Pines subdivision,” a group of concerned Alden Pines property owners met in late 1995 to discuss forming of a Homeowners Association, the purpose being to maintain compliance with the deed of restrictions convenants filed by the original developers. On February 14, 1996, homeowners representing 60 properties met at the Alden Pines Clubhouse and voted to form the Alden Pines Homeowners Association (APHOA). Bylaws, drafted in advance of the meeting, were approved by a majority of the membership. 

Membership in the Association was described in the original By-Laws as being “limited to property owners in the Alden Pines Subdivision".  The By-Laws made it clear that participation in the Homeowners Association was to be "voluntary in nature.”   To ensure continuity in leadership, directors were to be elected to serve terms of one to five years.  An annual general membership meeting was prescribed to be held the second Tuesday of March each year, at a location determined by the Board of Directors, for the purpose of electing officers and taking care of any other business of the Association.

A copy of the APHOA By-Laws is available for download on this site.  Click here:

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Standing Committees

Following election of the first Board of Directors and Officers, a number of standing committees were established to manage certain functions and actions of the Association. Among these, two of the primary ones were the Architectural Committee and the Compliance Committee. The Architectural Committee was charged to “review all new construction plans and coordinate with owners and builders to assure compliance with the Deed of Restrictions.”  The Compliance Committee functioned pursuant to the covenants/bylaws to address problems and facilitate corrections through Lee County Code Enforcement policies.

To continue the initial purpose of the organization, which was to support compliance with the Deed of Restrictions, the 2006 elected board of directors and officers met to discuss ways to enhance the community and promote a neighborhood spirit. On March 12, 2007 bylaws were revised and amendments were approved at the annual general meeting to “encourage compliance by all residents with the recorded Deed of Restrictions; organizing and supporting activities that enhance the appearance of the community; and organizing and supporting social interaction and fellowship among residents.”

It was decided at this time to dissolve the Compliance Committee and to move those responsibilities directly under the Board of Directors.  The Welcoming Committee, the Landscape Committee and the Social Committee were retained as standing committees. 

The Welcoming Committee works to create an atmosphere of reception and acceptance of all new residents coming into Alden Pines.  They provide a variety of information to new residents, including information about our Association.  New arrivals are usually greeted personally by a plate of cookies and a friendly face.

The Landscape Committee is charged with maintaining the common ground elements at Alden Pines.  The committee designs and submits for budget approval by the Board of Directors an annual landscaping plan.  The committee purchases, plants and cares for plantings in common area “turnarounds” on the streets in the community and at the entrance to Alden Pines. They work in close concert with the Alden Pines Golf Course to maintain and enhance the beauty of our community.

The Social Committee is established to plan a variety of events designed to bring community members together in a spirit of fellowship.   The key social event of the year is the annual "Pig Pickin' Party", held in January.  Its purpose is to welcome back our northern snowbirds who are often gone from Easter until thanksgiving.  The gathering is a way to meet new people in the community and to renew old acquaintances we haven't seen for awhile.  It's also when we plan our membership drive.

In 2012 the Board established the Communications Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to work toward assuring positive communication and interaction between the Board of Directors and the Community and between the Association and other local organizations.  This Committee has oversight responsibility for the Association Website as well.

APHOA 2013

Because the Alden Pines Homeowners Association does not , nor has it ever, met the requirements for a state mandated Homeowners Association, we have no assessment or enforcement authority.  Consequently, the only way APHOA can secure cooperation from people is through education, cooperation and neighborhood influence.  The good news is that, with few exceptions, residents of this community appreciate and are supportive of the Association's efforts to cooperatively conform to the common sense rules that govern this deed restricted community. They understand that only through community effort to maintain the property structures and landscapes that exist at Alden Pines can we continue to maintain our property values at maximum levels.  The rules against large commercial vehicles or boats in driveways, unkempt lawns and visible safety hazards on properties sometimes seem invasive to a few people.  However, such common courtesies among neighbors is why Alden Pines continues to be such a wonderful community in which to reside.  Requests for review of proposed building plans or remodels by our Architectural Committee assures that proposed work will be in conformance with the Deed Restrictions but it also serves as an added resource for new residents who may not know all the ins and outs of building in Lee County. 

The downside to the lack of assessment authority is that the Association must depend wholly on voluntary member dues and donations of materials and time by community property owners. That is the only way we can fund projects that benefit the community as a whole.  It is always a challenge to get property owners, especially those who are absentee owners, to participate in the Association.  Consequently, as with most volunteer efforts, a small minority of the community carries the workload for the majority.   




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