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One of the most challenging part of moving to a new location is figuring out who to call for what.

The purpose of this page is to provide newcomers to Alden Pines with basic contact information for the myriad of agencies and services necessary to get established in this community.  You will find a website or contact information for everything from turning on your water to requesting removal of alligators from your ponds. 

It is even more difficult to decide who to call for household, yard, pool, pest control, medical and dental services, hairdressers, nail technicians, etc when in a new area.  Following is a list of service providers in our area that have been recommended by others for their honesty, capability and responsiveness.  We are always looking to expand this list.  If you or one of your friends has positive, direct knowledge about other service providers in the area who do good work, please email us at aldenpinesboard@comcast.net.  Include their name or company, contact info and the type of service they provide.

Official Portal for the State of Florida

Voter Registration

Lee County Library

Lee County Parks & Recreation

Lee County Water Restrictions

Pine Island Water Association

Pine Island Civic Association

Lee County Electric Cooperative

Pine island Chamber of Commerce

Lee County Property Appraiser

Lee County Clerk of Courts

Century Link Telephone

Comcast Cable

www.news-press.com or -

Postal Service
Note: There are 2 post offices - Pineland & Bokeelia

Alligator Control

Lee County Domestic Animal services

Note:  Pets must be fenced or under owner control at all times.  If your animal defacates on private property you are expected to clean up after them.  The golf course is a privately owned, fee-based amenity. Allowing your pet to run free on the golf course is not permitted at any time.
Garbage & Recycling Services (Waste Management)

Note:  Garbage pickup at Alden Pines is scheduled on Wednesdays.  Recycling & yard waste services are scheduled on Thursdays.  Call Waste Management & they will provide you with blue plastic recycling boxes free of charge.  Any Type of garbage receptacle that has a lid will be accepted at your curb. These receptacles are available at most hardware stores, Loews or Home Depot.

There are rules governing size of yard waste and packaging requirements (bundled & tied). Check with Waste Management for specific rules.

Reminder:  Garbage pickup & recycling services are included in your tax bill. There is no additional payment required for these county services.

Alden Pines Golf Course

Note:  The golf course is a value added amenity in our community. Having it here adds to our property values and attracts revenue for the upkeep of the course.  The course is financed by paid memberships and the paying public. Please respect the rights of golfers when they are playing by not walking the trails during play hours, not allowing children to play on the golf course and not walking your animals during golfing periods. If you do walk your pets on the trails in the early morning or late evening, please assure they are on leashes and that they do not damage the greens.

Conversely, golfers are expected to respect your property rights.  If you find golfers are repeatedly entering your property to retrieve balls....and asking them to stop doesn't work.... contact Stew Bennett, Golf Course Owner at 239-283-2179.

Alden Pines Homeowners Association
Post Office Box 244
Bokeelia FL 33922

                            E-Mail:   aldenpinesboard@comcast.net