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≤ Community Influence                                  ≤ Improved Property Values                      

    Increased Knowledge                                         Community Pride  


Membership in the Alden Pines Homeowners Association (APHOA) is strictly voluntary.  There is no requirement for buyers in this subdivision to request approval from our Association for any real estate transaction.  Residents are encouraged to join APHOA because neighbors working with neighbors works!  Together we can assure our community is well-maintained and that actions affecting our property values are monitored.


Membership dues are currently $35/year.  Dues are assessed annually.  All project work by the Association is funded directly by dues, fund raisers and/or cash or material donations.

A copy of the Membership Application is available for download here.  Simply complete and forward to the Treasurer at our mailing address below, accompanied by your check payable to Alden Pines Homeowners Association.

APHOA Membership Application.pdf
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Member Meetings

The APHOA By-Laws provide for at least one annual general membership meeting.  That requirement is met by an annual March meeting, at which the Board of Directors updates the members on current activities of the Association, requests input on new and ongoing projects and holds election of officers.  Special meetings can be called at any time by the Board President. 

Minutes of all membership meetings are taken by the Secretary and are available for view on this website at the link "Meetings"

Board of Directors Meetings

The APHOA Board of Directors meets at least bi-monthly or as often as deemed necessary to deal with Board matters.  The President calls and presides over all meetings.  Expenditure of funds requires a personal vote by each Board Member and requires a majority vote to carry.  Board of Director Meeting Minutes are available for review at the link entitled "Meetings"

Communication with Alden Pines Property Owners

The Board uses a variety of methods to communicate with both dues paying members and with property owners at large (member or not) about matters affecting the community  at large. The Board uses word of mouth, local flyers and email as much as possible. Email is the Board's preferred vehicle for communicating with folks due to the fact it is quick, efficient and cost effective.  You can update your email or postal service address for the Association by emailing us a note at: 

The Board is also actively working to publicize this new website.  Our goal is to upload information of interest  to the website where it can be perused at leisure.  If you have ideas for things you would like to see added to the website, please email us. If you have ideas for how the Board can better serve its membership, let us know that too.  Constructive criticism is welcomed, especially if it comes with positive suggestions for improvement!

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