Many of us who live on Pine Island often refer to it as our "little corner of Eden".  There is a reason for this opinion.  Pine Island is a tropical enclave.  Home to numerous palm and tropical plant plantations, there is an amazing diversity of color and texture in the landscape.  The island serves as a nesting ground and stopover for huge numbers of tropical birds and waterfowl. There is a plethora of sea birds that live here, including Cormorants, Ibis, Herons, Gulls, Terns and Pelicans. Osprey nests atop old snags are often alive with nesting and feeding activities.  There is nothing more regal than a Great Blue Heron, seemingly frozen in space, watching for a chance to pounce on food in the ponds.   Our backyards teem with various songbirds such as the bright red cardinal or beautifully multicolored Painted Bunting. Red Breasted and Pileated Woodpeckers serenade us with their incessant peck, peck, pecking and the creative warbling of the Mocking Bird is unmistakable. 

The Island contains animals a little more on the wild side as well. Ponds here at Alden Pines are home to many resident alligators. Contrary to popular myth, these creatures are generally docile and passive but they do need to be treated with respect for what they are:  wild animals.  Feeding of alligators is absolutely prohibited as it desensitizes their fear of humans.  Small pets and children need to be  kept safe by keeping them away from the edges of these creatures' habitat.  When alligators do manifest aggressive behavior, they can be removed by contacting the County Alligator Control Agency.  Know that when an alligator is taken by this agency, they are euthanized.....not transplanted.

Of course, there are the typical raccoons, possums, squirrels, rabbits, no small share of snakes (most harmless) and the inevitable bugs!  We do, after all, live in Florida.  

The downsides of hot weather, humidity and bugs are far outweighed by the beauty of this environment.  We enjoy spectacular sunsets and, for those who love the water, awesome opportunities for boating, shelling and fishing.  Then, of course...... there is golf.

The photo slideshow that follows includes picture contributions of various current and previous residents of our community.  We hope you enjoy them.

Following are photos taken at the Earl Goike Memorial Scramble on Memorial Day, May 25 2015. Fifty four players turned out to honor Mr. Goike, a long-time resident of Alden Pines who passed away in April of 2015. 
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